Tatiana Kostiuchenko

PhD thesis: “Investigation of complex multicomponent alloys with machine-learning interatomic potentials”

Supervisor: Alexander Shapeev

IDC committee members: Oganov ArtemShapeev AlexanderZhugayevich Andriy

Tatiana graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a Bachelor degree in 2014 (Thesis title: Modeling of interdiffusion processes in uranium and molybdenum) and then with Master degree in 2017 (Thesis title: Modeling of interdiffusion processes in uranium alloys by atomistic simulations) at the Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics. Her research in Skoltech is dedicated to the investigation of multicomponent alloys with the use of machine-learning interaction models. The basic approach of my work is founded on machine-learning interaction models that were developed earlier by her scientific advisor Alexander Shapeev.

List of conferences:

  1. Kostiuchenko T., Shapeev A. Investigation of multicomponent alloys using machine-learning interatomic potentials. The 61st MIPT Russian Scientific Conference, Moscow, Russia (2018).
  2. Kostiuchenko T., Shapeev A., Körmann F., Neugebauer J. High-entropy alloys investigation using machine-learning potentials. The 9th international conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling, Japan, Osaka (2018).
  3. Kostiuchenko T., Shapeev A. Application of machine-learning potentials to high-entropy alloys investigation. International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond, Moscow, Russia (2018).
  4. Kostyuchenko T. Modelling of interdiffusion in uranium and molybdenum alloys. International Conference for Students and Young Scientists “Lomonosov”, Moscow, Russia (2017).