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Artem R. Oganov


Habilitation in Crystallography, ETH Zurich, 2007
PhD in Crystallography, University College London, 2002
Diploma in Crystallography, Moscow State University, 1997


Full Professor, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, since 2015

Full Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2010-2017
Associate Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2008-2010
Privatdozent and Group Leader, ETH Zurich, 2007-2008
Senior Scientist and Group Leader, ETH Zurich, 2003-2007
Research Fellow, University College London, 2002-2003

Career Record

  • >230 papers (including 1 in Nature Reviews Materials, 5 in Nature, 2 in Science, 1 in Nature Materials, 2 in Nature Chemistry, 2 in Nature Communications, etc.). 5 patents.
  • Web of Science: citation 12065, h-index=56. Google Scholar: citation 16499, h-index=63 (as of  April 2019).
  • Gave over 300 talks and colloquia.
  • Founder and former chairman (2011-2017) of the Commission on Crystallography of Materials (International Union of Crystallography).
  • Member of Skoltech Academic Council (since 2016).
  • Member of Presidential Council for Science and Education (since 2018).

Prof Oganov’s research focuses on computational materials discovery, study of matter at high pressures, and development of novel computational methodologies for predicting the structure and properties of materials. The unique evolutionary method for crystal structure prediction, developed by Prof. Oganov, is currently used by over 4200 researchers worldwide. This method allows prediction of novel materials, both organic and inorganic, with desired properties, and has produced many breakthroughs, both in fundamental and applied research.

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  • University Latsis Prize (2006)
  • European Mineralogical Union Research Excellence Medal (2007)
  • Professor Honoris Causa, Yanshan University, China (2012)
  • 1000 talents professor, People’s Republic of China (2012)
  • Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America (2013)
  • Russian Government’s megagrant (2013)
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Structure and Properties of Materials

Number of ECTS credits: 6
Course Classification: Science, Technology, and Engineering

Course description:
This course is an introductory subject in the field of materials science and crystallography. The goal is to introduce students to basic concepts of structure-property relations for materials at the microscopic level.

Good knowledge of general chemistry, solid state physics.

ФИО: Оганов Артем Ромаевич

Занимаемая должность (должности): Профессор

Преподаваемые дисциплины: –

Ученая степень: Ph.D. Кристаллография, Университетский колледж Лондона; Habilitation degree, ETH Zurich, Цюрих, Швейцария (признана как эквивалент доктора физико-математических наук).

Ученое звание (при наличии): Профессор

Наименование направления подготовки и/или специальности: Компьютерный дизайн материалов

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Общий стаж работы: 16 лет

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