Mikhail Dobynde

Research Intern

Professor Anton Ivanov

Graduated from Moscow State University, joined Skoltech in 2013

Advisor: Tatiana Podladchikova / Rupert Gerzer
Thesis: Space radiation hazards mitigation strategies

Current Research:

  • GEANT4 simulation of radiation effect on astronauts for various spacecraft geometries, shields and solar cycle activity.
  • Reconstruction of instrument response functions for space radiation spectrometers

Current Projects:

  • Radiation hazards during travel to Mars

During space flights space craft and astronauts are exposed with space radiation – flux of high-energy charged particles. Due to high energy space radiation penetrate through the spacecraft shell, providing immediate or chronicle damage to astronauts tissues and organs. Damage significantly depends on solar cycle activity and shielding materials and thickness. Currently we try to optimize these three parameters to minimize possible risk to astronauts’ health.

  • Instrument response functions for particle detectors operating in space

Measurements of space radiation fluxes are extremely important for developing space weather prediction models. Most of satellites have on-board instruments that measure particle fluxes for this purpose, electrons and protons in most cases. Unfortunately due to trade-in between cost-size-functionality this instruments’ data is noised with particles of other spices or same particle but with other energy. We try to model data of certain devise in real operating environment and suppose a way to extract real signal.

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  2. Dobynde M.I., Drozdov A.Y., Kronberg E., Rashev M., Shprits Y.Y., “Electron spectrometer signal modification in real space environment” Cluster Cross-Calibration workshop 2014;
  3. Dobynde, A. Drozdov, E. Kronberg, P. W. Daly, D. Turner, Y. Shprits, “Instrument response function simulation for CLUSTER RAPID mission via GEANT4”, AGU Fall Meeting 2013.