Rupert Gerzer

Professor, Skoltech Representative for European relations

Dr Rupert Gerzer is a medical doctor by education, whose scientific interests lie in medicine, life sciences and astronautics. Prior to joining Skoltech in 2015, he was Professor and Chairman at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (Aachen University) and Director of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, German Aerospace Center DLR (Cologne) – Western Europe’s largest civil institute of aerospace medicine.

Prof Gerzer studied medicine at the University of Munich. After that, he was postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Heidelberg (1977-1981), and then visiting scientist at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA (1981-1983).  Before obtaining a Heisenberg professorship at the University of Munich in 1988, Prof. Gerzer was also a resident in Internal Medicine at the University of Munich. In 1992, he was appointed Director of Institute of Aerospace Medicine, German Aerospace Center DLR in Cologne and full Professor and Chairman of Aerospace Medicine at Aachen University. Otherwise, he held or continues to hold various senior positions in professional organizations in the fields of medicine and space, including German Society of Health Telematics, Medical Advisory Committee to the German Minister of Defense, German Academy of Aerospace Medicine, Advisory Committee of the European Astronaut Centre, and the Acta Astronautica journal. His professional affiliations extend far beyond this list. Prof. Gerzer published more than 250 scientific papers with h-Index 41 (Google Scholar) and received the Life Science Award of the International Academy of Astronautics in 2003.

Prof Gerzer has co-founded the commercial company TEMOS International GmbH (global hospital evaluations).


  • medicine
  • life sciences


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  • Life Sciences Award of the International Academy of Astronautics (2003)
  • Leonov Medal of the Association of Space Explorers (2013)
  • Gagarin Medal of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics (2014)
  • Guest professorship at the Astronaut Center of China (2014)
  • Oleg Gazenko Memorial Medal of the Russian Society of Physiology (2016)
  •  Jean Henley Memorial Medal of the German Society of Anesthesiology and intensive care Medicine (2016)

At Skoltech, Prof Gerzer teaches a course on Human Spaceflight

including current and future spacecraft, space life sciences, space medicine and physiology, space tourism

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Преподаваемые дисциплины: Космическая отрасль

Ученая степень: Доктор медицинских наук 1977, Университет Мюнхена

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Наименование направления подготовки и/или специальности: Медицинские науки

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