Petr Zhilyaev

Senior Research Scientist
Center for Materials Technologies

Supervisor: Ivan Sergeichev


Petr conducted research on the calculation of surface tension in Lenard-Jones system.  Now he is also actively involved in studying graphene nanobubbles via a molecular dynamics and conducting research on neural networks for developing exchange-correlational functionals.

Petr graduated from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology with honors in 2011. He started his scientific career in 2007 in Joint Institute for High Temperature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He got Candidate of Science degree in condensed-matter physics in 2015. Petr’s research was dedicated to the numerical investigation of spall phenomenon in single crystals of aluminum. He also conducted studies in the field of two-temperature effect that occurs during ultra-fast laser heating. During his research, Petr worked on top level supercomputers: MIPT 60, “Lomonosov” (MSU), JSCC RAS, IPM “K100″, ALCF “Mira” (Blue Gene Argonne National Lab). He has a solid list of publications with some papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Petr spoke at international conferences and attended tutorials at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, and a summer school at Cardiff University, UK.

  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Denstiy Functional Theory
  • Multiphase and multicomponent systems
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Spraying techniques
  • Micro manufacturing
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2015:  PhD student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Dolgoprudny, Moscow District, Russia

2011:  MS with honors (Applied Mathematics and Physics). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny, Moscow District, Russia

2009 :  BS with honors (Applied Mathematics and Physics). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny, Moscow District, Russia