Natalia Bogdanovich

Supervisor: Mikhail Spasennykh

49 publications, of which 36 (including 3 monographs) devoted to the integrated study of GIS and petrophysics, wettability of rocks, determination of reservoir properties of clay deposits, 13 papers devoted to issues of economy and regional development, environmental management areas.


1975 – 1980 MINKH and GP named I. M. Gubkin (Moscow), faculty of Geology majoring in engineering Geophysics (with honors)
1980 – 1983 Post graduate courses in MINKH and GP to them. I. M. Gubkin (Moscow). Department of physics, specialization – petrophysics
1997 – 1998 PGEK (Pyatigorsk), specialized faculty in “Fundamentals of Management” with qualification – Specialist Management
2000 – 2001 RSU (IRAS) (Rostov-on-Don), faculty of Economics, specialty “Economic theory” (diploma with honors).
  • Laureate of the state prize named I. M. Gubkin in the field of petrophysics (2008).
  • Bronze medal from Schlumberger Bronze Award Presented to NATALIA BOGDANOVICH of Schlumberger Russia – In recognition of the outstanding contribution to the Russian Heavy Oil Field Development Strategy – Russia, Moscow, 2012