Lidia Putlyaeva

Supervisor: Mikhail Gelfand

Lidia received her diploma at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Biology, in 2011. From 2012 till 2016 Lidia did her PhD thesis at Engelhardt Institute of molecular biology, Moscow. The main part of her work was dedicated to expression process of SLAMF1 gene in human lymphoblasts. She was also involved in the studies of immunopathology-associated polymorphisms of IL2RA and SLAMF1 genes and in research of functional immunomics of the driver oncogenic mutations in well-differentiated thyroid neoplasms.

In Skoltech Lidia will focus on developing of new methodology for assessing epigenetic modifications of histones at the level of individual living cells using fluorescence microscopy. She also takes interest in the evaluation of method of stochastic fluorescence labeling of individual cells and cell lineages

Development of methods of multiparameter fluorescence imaging in biological models. The main goal of the project is to visualize and distinguish various structures and functional processes in cells, tissues and organisms

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2011           defended the specialist’s thesis, “BAX protein and outer mitochondrial membrane permeabilization during the apoptosis”, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Moscow.

2017           defended the PhD thesis, “Regulation of the human SLAMF1 gene expression: the role of the EBF1 transcription factor, single-nucleotide polymorphisms and short   open reading frames”, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology institute of RAS, Moscow.