Evgeny Chuvilin

Supervisor: Mikhail Spasennykh

PUBLICATIONS -290 (including papers, chapters and parts in 5 monograph’s and 4 text books, reports, posters).


June 1984: Ph.D. Geology, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Ph.D. Thesis on Geocryology.
September 1980: M.S. Geology, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

 1986 up to now – gas hydrate formation and decomposition in sediments, gas and gas hydrate in permafrost;
 1980 up to now – formation of composition, structure and properties of frozen sediments and ice;
 2011 up to now- experimental quantitative characterization of distribution and content of mud components in rock samples;
 2008 up to now – investigation of composition, structure and some properties of rocks;
 2000 up to now – investigation of properties of gas hydrate contained sediments;
 1995 up to now – migration oil contamination in frozen and freezing sediments;
 1984 up to now – migration of salts, chemicals, oil contamination in cryogenic rocks;
 1980 up to now water transfer, ice formation, macro and microstructure of frozen sediments.