Evgeny Chekhonin

Leading Research Scientist
Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery

Professor: Mikhail Spasennykh

Evgeny Chekhonin has a wide expertise including but not limited to hydraulic fracturing mechanics, electrokinetic effects in porous media, rock thermal property modeling, measurements and interpretation, thermal EOR simulation and basin modeling.

Prior to joining Skoltech, he worked in Schlumberger Moscow Research Center for 9 years, where he started as a Research Scientist and then achieved the position of a Program Manager. He led different projects, both client-driven and internal, including a project on application of Effective Medium Theory to sedimentary rock properties modeling, a project on development and testing a production logging tool for low rate horizontal and near horizontal wells, etc. Evgeny was also working on the methodological and experimental base of the optical scanning technology and a technology for high-pressure high-temperature measurements for the study of rock thermal properties at bench and reservoir conditions.  He contributed to the estimation of the influence of uncertainty in thermal property data on simulation results for different aspects of thermal EOR and for basin modeling. In addition, Evgeny participated in developing a hydraulic fracture simulator in naturally fractured reservoirs and performed a fundamental study of fracture tip behavior in high permeability formations.

Prior to joining Schlumberger, Evgeny was a Junior Research Associate at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics, RAS in Moscow. He worked on different fluid-dynamical aspects of hydraulic fracturing including mechanics of fracture propagation, advanced leak-off of fracturing fluids and electrokinetic effects in the Laboratory of Mechanics of Complex Fluids working under supervision of Prof. V.M. Entov. Key results of his work have been patented. Evgeny received his Candidate of Sciences degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow in 2006.

Rock thermal property measurements and interpretation, modeling of physical processes associated with thermal EOR