Dmitry Dylov

Dr. Dmitry V. Dylov is an Associate Professor at the Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering at Skoltech. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA) in 2010, and M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow, Russia) in 2006.

Prior to joining Skoltech, Dr. Dylov had been a Lead Scientist at GE Global Research Center (Niskayuna, NY, USA), where he had been leading various projects ranging from bioimaging and computational optics to medical image analytics. Dr. Dylov’s innovation record includes IP contributions to GE Healthcare, frequent technical consulting to emerging start-ups, and the foundation of two spin-off companies with clinical validation in major hospitals in the USA (MSKCCMGH, UCSF, Albany Med).

Dr. Dylov has established a new theoretical and computational paradigm for treating noise in imaging systems, resulting in impactful publications in reputable journals, such as Physical Review Letters and Nature Photonics. His career record includes more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, 16 international patents, and more than 80 invited and contributed talks. Dr. Dylov has earned the McGraw Teaching Excellence certificate at Princeton and has been an instructor in the Edison Engineering Development Program at GE. He has served as an avid professional service volunteer, a scientific reviewer, and an advocate for the educational outreach within SPIE, OSA, APS, and IEEE societies.

  • Dmitry V. Dylov, Laura Waller, and Jason W. Fleischer, “Nonlinear Restoration of Diffused Images via Seeded Instability”, IEEE J of Sel. Top. in QE, invited, 18 (2): 916925, 2013.
  • Can Sun, Laura Waller, Dmitry V. Dylov, and Jason W. Fleischer, “Spectral dynamics of spatially incoherent modulation instability”, Physical Review Letters, 108 (26): 263902, 2012.
  • Dmitry V. Dylov and Jason W. Fleischer, “Nonlinear Self-Filtering of Noisy Images via Dynamical Stochastic Resonance”, Nature Photonics, 4 (5): 323–328, 2010.
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ФИО: Дылов Дмитрий Владимирович

Занимаемая должность (должности): Доцент

Ученая степень: PhD, Принстонский Университет, 2010

Ученое звание: нет

Наименование направления подготовки и/или специальности: прикладная физика, прикладная математика

Данные о повышении квалификации и/или профессиональной переподготовке: нет

Общий стаж работы: С 2004

Стаж работы по специальности: С 2004