Alla Pustovalova

Supervisor: Artem Abakumov

Research in the development of new electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

1) Loktionov P., Pustovalova A. et al. Quantifying effect of faradaic imbalance and crossover on capacity fade of vanadium redox flow battery. Electrochimica Acta 485 (2024): 144047.
2) Pustovalova A., Loktionov P. et al. Cost-effective electrodes based on mixed iridium-zirconium oxides for vanadium electrolyte rebalancing cell. J. Power Sources 576 (2023): 233211.
3) Pichugov R., Loktionov P., Pustovalova A. et al. Restoring capacity and efficiency of vanadium redox flow battery via controlled adjustment of electrolyte composition by electrolysis cell. J. Power Sources 569 (2023): 233013.
4) Belich N., Petrov A., Ivlev P., Udalova N., Pustovalova A., Goodilin E., Tarasov A. How to stabilize standard perovskite solar cells to withstand operating conditions under ambient environment for more than 1000 hours using simple and universal encapsulation. J. Energy Chem. 78 (2023): pp. 246–252.
5) Loktionov P., Pichugov R., Konev D., Pustovalova A., Antipov A. Operando UV/Vis spectra deconvolution for comprehensive electrolytes analysis of vanadium redox flow battery. J. Electroanal. Chem 925, (2022): 116912.
6) Antipov, A., Pichugov, R., Abunaeva, L., Tong, S., Petrov, M., Pustovalova, A. et al. Halogen hybrid flow batteries advances for stationary chemical power sources technologies. Energies 15(19), (2022): 7397.
7) Pustovalova A., Boytsova E. et al. Formation and structural features of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide thin films grown by reactive magnetron sputtering. Applied Surface Science, 534 (2020): 147572.
8) Pustovalova, A. A., Pichugin, V. F. et al. Structural features of N-containing titanium dioxide thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering. Thin solid films 627 (2017): 9-16.

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2017 – Tomsk Polytechnic University: PhD in Physics and Mathematics (Speciality: Condensed Matter Physics).