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Aleksandra Savina

Senior Research Scientist
Center for Energy Science and Technology

Supervisor: Artem Abakumov

Synthesis, crystallographic and electrochemical characterization of multipolyanion cathode materials for Li-ion, Na-ion and K-ion rechargeable batteries.

Electrode materials are crucial components of the rechargeable battery which define its energy and power characteristics, cycle life and safety. Search, design and synthesis of novel electrode materials with enhanced parameters can bring the battery performance on a new level.

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Dec 13, 2013: The PhD degree in chemistry (Specializations: Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry). Theme: “Synthesis, Structure and Properties of New Compounds in the Systems Na2MoO4–Cs2MoO4R2(MoO4)3 (R – trivalent metal)”. Chemistry Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Inorganic chemistry, synthesis of inorganic materials, solid state chemistry of oxide materials, oxide ceramics for high temperature electrochemistry applications, oxide materials for energy storage applications, cathode materials for metal-ion batteries,  characterisation of novel functional materials.