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Maria Kirsanova

Professor: Artem Abakumov

Maria’s field of scientific interest is inorganic synthesis and characterization of materials. She received her Candidate of Sciences degree from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University in 2013. Her thesis entitled Cationic Clathrates and Semiclathrates with Germanium/Phosphorus Framework: Synthesis, Structure, Thermoelectric Properties focused on the synthesis and investigation of peculiar group of inorganic compounds (clathrates) as promising thermoelectric materials.

New cathodes for metal-ion batteries based on employment of the anionic redox reactions:

The project is aimed at raising the capacity of the metal-ion batteries through deliberate involvement of the anion sublattice of the cathode into the redox reactions and improving stability of the cathode material towards O2 evolution. We will get deeper insight into a formation of peroxo species in the Li-rich layered 3d transition metal oxides (TMO) and the induced structure transformations and, based on this information, find the optimal systems to realize the anion redox experimentally, monitor influence of the chemical composition on the anion redox and optimize the materials for best performance.