Faculty Positions

Skoltech integrates strong graduate educational programs and cutting-edge basic and applied research with an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship to establish a new model for advancing knowledge, developing technology, and creating economic value for Russia and the world.

Main structural units of Skoltech are Centers for Research, Education and Innovation (CREI), each with a focus of its own within the priority areas of the institute: IT, Biomedicine, Energy, Space, Entrepreneurship & Innovation as well as cross-cutting disciplines. CREIs pursue top-notch interdisciplinary research in their fields, deliver world-class graduate education programs which are aligned with a European (Bologna) structure in a Russian context, and generate results that can form the basis for innovation and entrepreneurship activities at Skoltech and in Russian industry. You are welcome to learn more about the CREI concept here.

All Skoltech faculty members are affiliated with one of the CREIs, while also free and encouraged to participate in the research projects of other centers. Accordingly, our vacancies are tied to CREIs.

By now, 10 CREIs have been established:

Candidates with expertise in one (or more) of these research areas are welcome to apply for tenured and tenure-track positions.  Please check the Vacancies section of our Faculty search website for details.  Internationally competitive salary and benefits, research start-up packages, and opportunities for substantial research funding will be provided.

Skoltech is committed to diversity and equality, and all are invited to apply without regard for gender, race or national origin.


Postdoc Positions

In the next few years, there will be opportunities for researchers in the areas listed above. Postdocs from around the globe are encouraged to apply, to help foster creative thinking, innovative approaches to global scientific issues and to collaborate across international and disciplinary boundaries. In addition, Skoltech offers opportunities to commercialize research, to find ways of developing new products and markets. Postdoctoral positions at Skoltech offer outstanding career opportunities in an energizing and challenging environment unparalleled in most academic institutions.

Skoltech offers:

  • International research opportunities acriss disciplinary boundaries;
  • Mentoring by top scientists from Russia and international academic institutions;
  • Attractive employment conditions including competitive salaries and health insurance;
  • Supportive infrastructure and working conditions;
  • Inspiring environment for entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Professional development and networking opportunities in a vibrant community of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs;
  • Exceptional career prospects.

For information about specific opportunities, view the Vacancies section.