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Zhenhai Wang

Professor: Artem Oganov

Zhenhai Wang received his PhD degree in Physics from Shandong University in 2012. His current research interests are in the field of computational material science, mainly including material prediction and design, low-dimensional electronics, material hetero-structures and meta-surfaces.

After graduation, Zhenhai has been working as a researcher in several centers of computational science. And beginning in 2015, he started his collaboration with Professor Artem R. Oganov in Stony Brook University, and then in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Until now, Zhenhai has been a (co)-author of more than 40 journal articles with overall citation index of >800. At Skoltech, Zhenhai will work on 2D-crystal and novel functional materials prediction and developing of USPEX tools in Professor Artem R. Oganov’s research group.

Prediction of two dimensional (2D) crystals (Si, Si-O) at variable environment conditions.