Yaroslav Menshenin

Yaroslav Menshenin

Junior Research Scientist
PhD candidate at Skoltech Space Center
Space Center

Professor: Clement Fortin

Advisor: Edward Crawley
Thesis: Model-Based Concept Framework for Complex Space Systems in Concurrent Engineering Design Environment

Yaroslav Menshenin is a PhD candidate at the Skoltech Space Center. His research interests include the space systems architecture, system design, model-based systems engineering, and design science. In 2016-2017 academic year he spent a semester at MIT working as a Visiting doctoral candidate in the System Architecture Lab. Previously, he co-founded the MIT/Skoltech International Space Exploration Strategy Group and served as a Teaching Assistant at the Space Sector Course. Yaroslav’s supervisor is Professor Edward Crawley.

Yaroslav received his MS degree from the Department of Theoretical Physics of the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (Moscow, Russia). He also graduated from  the Singularity University, located on the territory of NASA Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley, USA).

He is an Associate member of the DESIGN Society and a Student Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Lab/Research Group Affiliation:

Skoltech Space Center

MIT System Architecture Group

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering/Model-Based Conceptual Design for the Commercial Space Systems
  • Conceptual Design Framework for the Commercial Space Systems
  • Intellectual Property Management for the Complex Systems
  • Interface Management and the Design Structure Matrix
  • Conceptual Modeling Languages (OPM, SysML)
  • Concurrent Engineering Design at the Early Stages of Design Process

[2018] DSM-Based Methods to Represent Specialization Relationships in a Concept Framework (Yaroslav Menshenin, Edward Crawley), In 20th International DSM Conference.

[2018] Model-Based Concept Framework for Suborbital Human Spaceflight Missions (Yaroslav Menshenin, Edward Crawley), In 69th International Astronautical Congress. (paper)

[2018] A Framework for Concept and its Testing on Patents (Yaroslav Menshenin, Edward Crawley), In INCOSE International Symposium 2018. (paperhttps://doi.org/10.1002/j.2334-5837.2018.00568.x

2015 Diploma for contributing to the development of roadmaps of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) within the “Foresight fleet”

2014 Diploma for founding the “Technological Entrepreneurship in Space Sector” Initiative

2012 Winner, “My idea for Russia” Contest