Vladimir Istomin

Principal Research Scientist
Center for Petroleum Science and Engineering

Supervisor: Mikhail Spasennykh

PUBLICATIONS – 300 (incl. 5 monographs, 20 review papers, 25 patents, etc.)

Five patents were applied on the Urengoy gas-condensate field.


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  • December 1977:  D. Physical Chemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Ph. D. Thesis on Physical Chemistry. (Ph.D. Diploma XM № 003410)
  • June 1973:  S. Chemistry, Chemistry department of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (M.S. Diploma. Yu  №443617)


  1. Development and application of resource-saving technological processes on gas production (a construction of wells in a permafrost zone, gas-gathering systems, gas and gas-condensate treatments at northern fields of Russia, optimization of  hydrate inhibitor technology, bottom hole zone).
  2. Applied thermodynamics and hydrodynamics (thermodynamics of a bottom hole zone, not isothermal gas filtration, phase equilibria of hydrocarbon systems, thermodynamics and kinetics of gas hydrate formation and decomposition).
  3. Scientific bases of new devices for natural gas quality and metering.
  4. Nonconventional sources of hydrocarbons as a future of world energy resources.

Scientific Experience:

Participates in projects of the  gas and gas-condensate fields of Russia (West Siberia and Yamal peninsula). Head of the recent scientific projects concerning senon-turon deposits of Western Siberia, gas-condensate fields of East Siberia (Chayandinskoye and Kovytkinskoye).

  • 2013 up to now – Well Testing Interpretation, Thermodynamics of Bottom Hole Zone at East Siberian Fields.
  • 1984 up to now  – Gas Gathering and Gas Treatment Systems in West Siberia’s Gas and Gas-Condensate Fields, including gas Hydrate Control, Flow Assurance, Technological Schemes (Yamburg, Urengoy fields, etc.).
  • 1986 up to now – Gas Hydrate at Natural Conditions (thermodynamic modeling, interpretations of laboratory and field experiments)
  • 1987 – 1989 – Thermophysics Study on Yamburg Gas Filed Permafrost Drill Cores (West Siberia).
  • 1980 – 1981 –  Thermophysics Study on Bovanenkovo Gas Filed Permafrost Drill Cores (West Siberia).
  • 1978 – 1982 – Gas Wells Study at Permafrost Zone on Mastakh Gas-Condensate Filed (East Siberia, Sakha Republic).
  • Professor Diploma of Russian Highest Certifying Commission – 2006.
  • Prize and Silver Medal Russian Academy of Mines – 2002.
  • Prize named by S. Orudzhev (former gas minister) – 2003
  • Honorary Researcher of Russian Gas Industry – 2001.
  • Junior Researcher’s Prize of Moscow Region for study gas wells at permafrost zone and suggested gas hydrate fields – 1983
  • Two Silver Medals of Russian Industry and Agricultural Achieverments Exhibition – 1980, 1982.