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Viktoria Shtratnikova

Town of birth:Алатырь,,_Chuvash_Republic

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Teaching experience: 10 years in Winter and Spring Ecological School for schoolchildren (, courses of Cytology, Plant hormones, Steroids, Next-Generation Sequencing


One son.

Project “Development of methods for identification of plant components in food products using next generation sequencing”



December 2017Биосинтез_холестеринаСапонины

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2000—2005: Specialist of Physiology, Department of Plant Physiology, Biological faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation. Graduated with honors (magna cum laude).

2005—2009: PhD student, Lab. of expression plant genome, Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology RAS, Moscow, Russia.

Principal investigator: Kulaeva O. N.

Research topic: Interactions between cytokinin and nitrogen metabolism on transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana with ARR5::GUS gene.

Genomics. Assembling and completing of bacterial and chloroplast genomes. Steroid bacterial transcriptomics. Plant physiology. Steroids. Secondary plant metabolism.

Partiсipation in grants




Participating in XVI Congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology





Changes in structure and function of plastid genes in flowering plants under partial or complete loss of photosynthetic activity





Development of methods of the epigenetic marks analysis in separate genome compartments as a basis for new gene diagnostics systems of oncological diseases





Comparative characteristics of epigenetic status of endodermal and mesenchymal cells at different stages of differentiation





Identification of EGFR-signalling pathways alterations and modulations of miRNA spectrum of NSCLС for evaluation of their application as diagnostic and prognostic markers and targets for anticancer therapy





Development of detailed gene expression map in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)





Whole genome sequencing and identification of key steroidogenic genes in nonpathogenic mycobacteria – producents of 3,17-diketoandrostanes





Whole genome sequencing and identification of key steroidogenic genes in steroid transforming strain of Nocardioides simplex VКМ Ac-2033D




Scientific basis of the national biobank – depository of the living systems




Novel bioprocesses for steroid pharmaceutical industry: development of a bioengineering methodology for the synthesis of key precursors of therapeutic steroids




Evolutionary genomics of harmful mutations