Vasily Sitnik

Research Scientist
Center of Life Sciences

Novel CRISPR/Cas systems discovery and characterisation using NGS data
Research is being conducted to find out specific traits of known systems’ behavior and search for the new ones of the same and related classes is on as well. The usage of NGS technology accompanied by the further analysis of the bioinformatic data allows to investigate the above mentioned systems more precisely.
CRISPR/Cas system shows high specificity to the corresponding binding sites and can be used in biotechnological applications and even genetic therapy.

  • O. B. Bocharova, M. G. Levedev, I. V. Popov, V. V. Sitnik, I. V. Fryazinov. Shock wave reflection from the axis of symmetry in a nonuniform flow with the formation of a circulatory flow zone.  Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations 03/2014; 6(2):142-154.
  • V. V. Sitnik. Simulation of the destruction of a woodland massif by the shock wave generated by the impact of a large cosmic body. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B 06/2009; 3(3):373-382.
  • M. G. Lebedev, V. V. Sitnik. Modeling the interaction of a wave front with a forest. Computational Mathematics and Modeling 07/2006; 17(3):226-242.
  • M. G. Lebedev, V. V. Sitnik. Computing compressible gas flows with infinite velocity and pressure gradients. Computational Mathematics and Modeling 04/2006; 17(2):127-139.

Graduated from MSU, dept. of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. Supervisor M.G. Lebedev. “Mathematical modeling of propagation of gas-dynamic disturbances through idealized stand of trees”
Recieved k.f.-m.n (Ph.D) in Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods, and Software Packages. Supervisor M.G. Lebedev. “Mathematical modeling of wave front propagation through vegetation”

CRISP/Cas systems of bacterial immunity, Bioinformatics, NGS data analysis, ML, HPC computing

Some experience of industrial software development, IT, bioiformatics startup.

Diploma for “Analysis of the cell reaction on the viral infection” project on “OMICS Data Analysis in Medicine 2015”