Vasily Artemov

Senior Research Scientist
Center for Energy Science and Technology

Professor: Henni Ouerdane

2019-current Senior research scientist Center for Energy Science and Technology, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia)
2018 Visiting researcher 1 Physikalisches Institut, Universität Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany) 
2018 Visiting researcher University of Leeds (Leeds, UK)
2016-2018 Head of laboratory Prokhorov Institute of General Physics (GPI), Laboratory of intermolecular interactions spectroscopy
2014-2016 PostDoc Lomonosov Moscow State University,
2014 Visiting researcher Experimental Physics V, University of Augsburg (Augsburg, Germany)



Study of water and aqueous electrolytes for energy applications: Theory and experiments

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[1] Artemov V.G. et al., (2015) A quick way for sorption isotherms determination, Russian Patent.
[2] Artemov V.G. et al. (2009): A device for molecular-sorption matter analysis. Russian Patent No 86747
[3] Artemov V.G. (2009): «AquaSoprMeter-09». PC program certificate No 2009613492

2010 Condensed matter physics Prokhorov Institute of General Physics (GPI), Moscow, Thesis: “Spectroscopy of water molecules during diffusion in nanopores” 
2007 MS (with honors, the top mark), in Applied Math. and Phys. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Thesis: “Diode-laser spectroscopy of water spin isomers”

Alternative and renewable energy, electric power production and storage, dielectrics with high ionic conductivity, ionic transport, condensed matter theory, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, ice and water dielectric properties, fuel cells, transport phenomena in porous media.