Stanislav Evlashin

Additive manufacturing (Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Direct Energy Deposition)

2D materials

Composite materials

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2021 Year

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2020 Year

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2019 Year

  1. Chefonov, O. V., Ovchinnikov, A. V., Evlashin, S. A., & Agranat, M. B. (2019). Degradation and Destruction of Thin Steel Films under Repeated Exposure to Ultrashort Pulses of THz Radiation. Technical Physics Letters, 45(6), 570–572.
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2018 Year

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2017 Year

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2016 Year

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2015 Year

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2014 Year

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2013 Year

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2012 Year

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2011 Year

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2010 Year

  1. Evlashin, S. A., Krivchenko, V. A., Pastchenko, P. V., Rakhimov, A. T., Suetin, N. V., & Timofeyev, M. A. (2010). Si wires growth by using of magnetron sputtering method. Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, 7521.

Dr. Faculty of Physics.

Moscow State University.

Yulia Kuzminova
Research Scientist