Sergey Alyatkin

Professor: Pavlos Lagoudakis

Sergey graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2013, where he is now a 4th year PhD student. His Master thesis was devoted to the ultrafast laser frequency stabilization of diode laser for high precision spectroscopy of Rb atoms. Sergey worked in the Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy of the Institute for Spectroscopy RAS for 3 years, where he acquired strong experimental skills in the optics, in particular in techniques of atomic spectroscopy and laser cooling.

Later, as a PhD student, Sergey joined a research group at the Molecular Spectroscopy Department, Institute for Spectroscopy RAS. There Sergey focused his research on the investigation of the upconversion mechanism in nanoparticles and its applications for advanced nanocomplexes. This work includes study of the energy transfer between upconversion nanoparticles and quantum dots.

Developing IR photodector based on Silicon back-contacted in-plane p-n junctions