Sergei Nikolaev

Professor: Ighor Uzhinsky

Sergei Nikolaev has expertise in finite-element modelling, structural dynamics,  digital signal processing and machine learning. He graduated from Applied Mechanics Department at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2012 and defended his PhD in 2017 at the same University. During his postgraduate studies, Sergei has concentrated non-linear vibrations and finite element models verification and updating. The main focus of his PhD research was time-domain structural damping identification.  Sergei has developed the methods which are used in special software for auto-excited vibration prediction in turbine blades 5-axis milling. Also, Sergei was a team leader in a group which was developing special software for automated experimental modal analysis which now is used in the aerospace company «NPO Mashinostroyenia».

At Skoltech, Sergei is leading a group focused on hybrid modelling of technical systems based on a combination of data-driven and physics-based approaches. The group is working on methods and tools for predictive and prescriptive analytics of complex systems (gas-engines, automotive injectors, oil&gas infrastructure, etc.). One more research direction of the group is the application of machine learning for product design and manufacturing and surrogate models development.

Sergei also teaches the courses Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),  Advanced PLM techniques I: Digital Design & Optimization, Advanced PLM techniques II: Product Prototyping, Advanced PLM techniques III: Testing & Model Validation.

Research area:

Hybrid modelling of technical systems using combination of numerical simulation and machine learning techniques for prescriptive analytics.



– Joint research project with Siemens Industry Software: Simulation-assisted non-destructive testing of composites

– Industrial project: AI-assisted modelling of plastic injection molding

– Industrial project: Data-driven predictive modelling of the diesel injection process

– Industrial project: Hybrid modelling of gas-engine power plant for its prescriptive maintenance

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MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2012

PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2017