Polina Muzyukina

PhD student

Research advisor: Konstantin Severinov

Program entry year: 2019

Graduated from: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Life Sciences Center 2019

Research project: The role of the CRISPR-Cas system in the human pathogen Clostridium difficile and its application for epidemiological monitoring and infection prevention 

Research interestsDevelopment of a straightforward quantitative tool for analysis of CRISPR spacers and arrays of C. difficile clinical isolates and whole communities.

Industry Immersion: Teaching assistant practice in Sirius, Sochi, Russia; Searching for protection mechanisms against CRISPR-Cas bacterial systems; July 2018.

Research interests: CRISPR/Cas systems, application of CRISPR/Cas systems in life, Clostridium difficile

Conference presentations: 

  • Muzyukina P., Severinov K., Savitskaya E., Quantitative profiling of Clostridium difficile CRISPR arrays using unique molecular identifiers. 3rd Annual Skoltech – MIT Conference, Skoltech. Moscow, Poster presentation; 2018
  • Muzyukina P., Shkaruta A., Rykachevskiy A., Severinov K., Savitskaya E., Determining the structure of CRISPR arrays with high-throughput sequencing methods. Student’s biochemical forum, Moscow State University, Moscow, Poster presentation; 2019
  • Muzyukina P., Severinov K., Savitskaya E., Quantitative reconstruction of Clostridium difficile diversity in mixed populations. CRISPR ecology and evolution, the Royal Society, London. Poster presentation; 2019
  • Muzyukina P., Severinov K., Savitskaya E., Evaluation of CRISPR Spacers Diversity in Clostridium difficile Clinical Isolates. 3rd International Conference on CRISPR Technologies, Wurzburg, Germany. Poster presentation; 2019
  • Muzyukina P., Stepakov A., Severinov K., Soutourina O,  Application of Clostridium difficile CRISPR-Cas system for epidemiological monitoring and infection prevention. CRISPR 2021, poster presentation; 2021
  • Muzyukina P., Stepakov A., Severinov K., Soutourina O, Application of Clostridium difficile CRISPR-Cas system for epidemiological monitoring and infection prevention. Clostpath 2021, poster presentation; 2021


  • Skoltech Biomedical Initiative (SBI), Personalized bacteriophage therapy of Clostridium difficile infections, Project Leaders: Konstantin Severinov, Ivan Oseledets
  • Russian Science Foundation (RSF), Study of CRISPR array structure and diversity by deep quantitative profiling of spacer composition, Project Leader: Sofia Medvedeva


Russian-French Vernadski fellowship for PhD students. “Cotetulle” double PhD program: Skoltech and Paris-Saclay University 2020-2023.

  •  B.Sc. in Soil science, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia; 2013-2017; The topic of B.Sc thesis: “New anaerobic thermophilic CO oxidizing Bacteria”. Supervisor: Prof. Alexey Stepanov, D.Sc. Tatyana Sokolova, Prof. Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya
  •  M.Sc. Life Sciences, Skoltech, Russia; 2017-2019; The topic of M.Sc. thesis: “Quantitative profiling of Clostridium difficile CRISPR arrays”. Supervisor: D.Sc. Ekaterina Savitskaya, Prof. Konstantin Severinov in collaboration with Prof. Olga Soutourina (Paris-Saclay University, I2BC Institute, France).