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Pavel Kusov

Junior Research Scientist
Junior Research Scientist
Center for Engineering Physics

“Dynamic nanophotonic sensing systems development for the
real-time concentration measurement of cortisol for the in vitro and in vivo studies”

Based on our group project – Surface-specific Metal-enhanced Fluoroimmunoassay development for time-resolved monitoring of Cortisol concentration, performing in vitro, currently we are working together with Professor V.Drachev and Y.Kotelevtsev to optimize biochemical components of the assay and to apply the system to polymer optical fiber probe surface to achieve in vivo sensing.

2016 – M.Sc. with excellence;
2017 – NCBMB Russian Academy of Sciences Biochemical Society membership 1203/003/2018/RBSMEM
2021 – Foundation for assistance to small innovative enterprises (FASIE) – Umnik Grant, project for the development of implantable cortisol monitoring device based on plasmonic-active fluoroassay on optical fiber.