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Pavel Kusov

Junior Research Scientist
Junior Research Scientist
Center for Engineering Physics

“Dynamic nanophotonic sensing systems development for the
real-time concentration measurement of cortisol for the in vitro and in vivo studies”

The project is aimed towards continuous cortisol monitoring device development, by application and optimization of time-resolved metal-enhanced fluorescent biosensing system for cortisol concentration fluctuations monitoring
to a polymer optical fiber probe surface to achieve in vivo sensing.

2016 – M.Sc. with excellence;
2017 – NCBMB Russian Academy of Sciences Biochemical Society membership 1203/003/2018/RBSMEM
2021 – Foundation for assistance to small innovative enterprises (FASIE) – Umnik Grant, project for the development of implantable cortisol monitoring device based on plasmonic-active fluoroassay on optical fiber.