№ 19-72-30028  Turbulence and coherent structures in the integrable and nonintegrable systems

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And others.

Doctor of Philosophy in the “Physics of the atmosphere and hydrosphere” specialty – Institute of Applied physics, 2022 (February). Topic of the PhD thesis: “Investigation of the mechanisms of short wind waves variation and the geometry of slick structures in application to the problem of ocean remote sensing”

PhD student – Institute of Applied physics, 2013-2018

Magister degree in Physics – Nizhny Novgorod state university, radio physical faculty, 2013. Diploma with honors

Bachelor degree in Physics – Nizhny Novgorod state university, radio physical faculty, 2011

Oceanography, wave processes, turbulence and small-scale processes, gravity-capillary waves, radar and optical remote sensing, atmosphere-ocean interaction, surfactant films, ocean currents, internal waves, marine eddies, eutrophication, marine pollution, oil spills, spiral strictures in the ocean panoramas