Olga Sergeeva

Senior Research Scientist
Center of Life Sciences

Professor: Timofei Zatsepin

Olga graduated from Chemistry Department, Moscow State University in 2008 and defended PhD thesis in bioorganic chemistry at the Moscow State University in 2012.

During her postgraduate studies, Olga worked in the Max Plank Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottingen, Germany. In 2014-2015 Olga as a Skoltech research scientist visited Koch Institute for integrative cancer research, MIT in Boston, USA.

Olga received several scientific awards and research grants, and published a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals.


- new regulators of the cell translation process in vivo

– new long-noncoding RNAs and its potenitial application like a probable target and therapy

Selected publications:

1. Petrov R.A., Maklakova S.Y., Ivanenkov Y.A., Petrov S.A., Sergeeva O.V., Yamansarov E.Y., Saltykova I.V., Kireev I.I., Alieva I.B., Deyneka E.V., Sofronova A.A., Aladinskaia A.V., Trofimenko A.V., Yamidanov R.S., Kovalev S.V., Kotelianski V.E., Zatsepin T.S., Beloglazkina E.K., Majouga A.G. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel mono- and bivalent ASGP-R-targeted drug-conjugates. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2017. S0960-894X(17): 31192-7.

2.   Sergeeva O. V., Koteliansky V. E., Zatsepin T. S. mRNA-Based Therapeutics – Advances and Perspectives. 2016. Biochemistry (Mosc). 81(7): 709-22.

3.  Sergeeva O. V., Bogdanov A. A., Sergiev P. V. What do we know about ribosomal RNA methylation in Escherichia coli? Biochimie. 2015. 117: 110-118.

4. Sergeeva O. V., Prokhorova I. V., Ordabaev Y., Tsvetkov P. O., Sergiev P. V., Bogdanov A. A., Makarov A. A., Dontsova O. A. Properties of small rRNA methyltransferase RsmD: mutational and kinetic study. RNA. 2012.18(6):1178-85.

5. Sergiev P. V., Golovina A. Y., Sergeeva O. V., Osterman I. A., Nesterchuk M. V., Bogdanov A. A. Dontsova O. A. How much we can learn about the function of bacterial rRNA modification by meaning large-scale experimental datasets. Nucleic Acids Res.   40(12):5694-705.

6. Burakovsky D. E., Prokhorova I. V., Sergiev P. V., Milón P.,Sergeeva O. V., Bogdanov A. A., Rodnina M. V., Dontsova O. A. Impact of methylations of m2G966/m5C967 in 16S rRNA on bacterial fitness and translation initiation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012. 40(16):7885-95.


2012 PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry “Enzymatic properties of rRNA methyltransferase RsmD Escherichia coli”, Department of Chemistry, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

2008 M.Sc. in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Summa cum laude. Thesis: Investigation of the rRNA methyltransferase complexes with its substrates.