Olga Mokina

PhD student

Supervisor -Konstantin Severinov

Entry year to Skoltech – 2014

Graduated from Moscow State University, Biology Department

Research project- Novel Trojan-horse peptide-nucleotides: structure-function and mechanisms of action.

Drug resistance is the major problem for medicine today, thus, the search of new antibiotics should be among the prioritized areas of biomedical studies. Microcin C is the small antibacterial peptide-nucleotide from E. coli, which targets aspartyl-tRNA-synthetase and uses so called Trojan-horse approach to facilitate its transport through the cell membrane. Microcin C homologs were found in many bacterial species, and some of them have unusual traits. Deeper understanding of mechanisms underlying McC synthesis, modification and mode of action will allow us to develop new ways for customized bioactive peptide-nucleotides alteration and therefore to design potent synthetic drugs against the targets of interest.

M.Sc. Diploma – “MccX1 protein function in the biosynthesis of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis microcin C” under supervision of Konstantin Severinov.


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