Oleg Lukin

Professor: Iskander Akhatov

Oleg Lukin received his degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences in 2000 for research on theoretical and experimental studies of molecular and chiral recognition by cyclodextrins at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland. Then he carried out research in the field of quantum chemical calculations at Jackson State University (USA), and in 2001-2004 performed synthetic work on molecular knots at the University of Bonn (Germany) as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow. In 2004-2008, Oleg was a Group Leader (Oberassistent) and Docent at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) where he performed independent research in the fields of dendritic and two-dimensional polymers. In 2009-2014 Oleg Lukin combined part-time employments at Kiev National University as Docent as well as at privately held biotech companies as Scientific Adviser. He published more than 60 papers in peer-reviewed international journals with high impact factors.

Oleg has more than seven years of teaching experience at the ETH Zurich and Kiev National University, where he taught regular lecture courses in polymer chemistry and supervised practical courses in organic chemistry and molecular modeling to undergraduate and master students of chemistry and material science.

Research project:

Design and synthesis of topologically novel macromolecules and a combined experimental and theoretical study of crystal structures

Research interests:

Development of synthetic approaches to nanosized molecular objects possessing precisely designed shapes and sizes and their subsequent use in the engineering of organic crystals and discovery of new materials