Nikolay Ilyn

Professor: Boris Fine. Undergraduate and graduate study: Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics (Departament of Theoretical Physics) 19952001. Master degree in Physics (2001). Thesis: Some solution in EinsteinBornInfeld theory. Supervisor D. V. Gal’tsov. Postgraduate study: Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (Departament of Mathematical Physics) 20122015. Ph.D in Mathematical Physics (2017). Thesis: Extrema of objective functionals in control problems for two-level quantum systems. Supervisor A. N. Pechen.

A study of local extrema of objective functionals for control problems of quantum systems, RFFI 14-01-31115 (20142015)

Quantum dynamics and control in nano and biosystems, RSF 14-11-00687 (20142016)

Modern mathematics and its applications, sect. Theoretical/Mathematical Physics and Topology, RSF 14-50-00005 (20142017)

Mathematical methods for problems of quantum technologies and dynamics of open quantum systems, RSF 17-11-01388 (2017)

Quantum adiabaticity in many-body systems, RSF 17-71-20158 (2017)

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2014 Small award of the publishing company “Science/Interperiodika” for the best publication.