Mikhail Belov

Professor of the Practice
Center for Digital Engineering

Mikhail Belov joined SKOLTECH Center for Digital Engineering as Professor of the Practice in 2023. He has 40+ year of industrial experience centered on cutting edge fields of enterprise systems engineering and management, economics and finance, enterprise digital transformation, technology-enabled business transformation, data analysis, operations research, electronics. He spent most of his career in executive positions in major Russian banks and companies and for over 20 years Mikhail was Deputy CEO of IBS responsible for new technologies and business development, when he implemented (as project director and architect) and supervised hundreds of projects in the field of enterprise management systems, engineering IT systems, PLM and other industrial IT systems. He also founded and led a startup specializing in advanced technologies for ultra-wideband multiradar systems.

Research interests
Control problems of enterprise, sociotechnical system, complex adaptive system, system of system: mathematical modelling and optimization, business applications.

Academic experience
2023 – Present SKOLTECH, Moscow, Center for Digital Engineering, Professor of the Practice
2016 – Present Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Management School, Visiting Professor;PLM-lab, Chief Scientist
2018 – 2020 MISIS National University of Science and Technology, Moscow, College of Information Business Systems,Visiting Professor, Head of Department
2013 – 2017 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow,Faculty of Innovations and High Technologies, Visiting Professor

Professional experience
2020 – 2023 SKOLTECH, Chief Systems Engineer
2009 – 2020 IBS, Deputy CEO
2004-2009 GelioSoft consulting (startup, private firm), President & Owner
2000-2004 IBS, CFO & COO
1991-1999 Russian Banks and Companies, VP and executive positions
1982-1991 Central Scientific Research Institute “Cometa”, Engineer, R&D Group Leader

Education and degrees
Doctor of Science, Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; June 2019
MBA Finance; Joint program of MIRBIS business school, Moscow, Russia, and Guildhall University, London, UK; May 2001
M.S. Finance; Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia; February 2001
PhD. (candidate); Central Scientific Research Institute, Moscow, Russia; May 1988
M.S. Electronics; Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia; February 1982.

Research in the fields of Systems Theory and General Theory of Control, mathematical methods of Cybernetics, and their applications to control sociotechnical and complex adaptive systems including:

  • Systems Theory and systems engineering – sociotechnical systems, enterprise systems, complex systems, systems of systems engineering and management;
  • Enterprise/product lifecycle value and cost modelling;
  • Operations research;
  • Contract theory and economic game theory;
  • Stochastic processes, statistics, disorder problem; optimization methods in complex systems and economics;
  • Mathematical modelling of economics of complex project/program management;
  • Systems aspects of cognitive science, AI, internet of things.


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Some conferences and papers of 2014 and later

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Lecturing on courses “Systems engineering”, “Enterprise Sytems Engineering and Control”, supervising of MS and PhD students.