Maryam Majidi

Smart grids reliability enhancement by interface coordination and control of distributed thermal systems


Majidi, M., Ozdemir, A., and Ceylan, O., 2017, September. Optimal DG allocation and sizing in radial distribution networks by Cuckoo search algorithm, in Intelligent System Application to Power Systems (ISAP), 2017 19th International Conference (pp. 1-6).

M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering- Istanbul technical university(Turkey). Thesis title: Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation and Sizing in Radial Distribution Networks by Cuckoo Search Algorithm

B.Sc. Electronics Engineering- Dr.Shariaty Technical University(Iran). Thesis title: Applying Neural Network Diagnose Heart Diseases from ECG signals

Metaheuristic and classic optimization

Microgrid, Distribution system, Smart Grid


The winner as the second team in “Robo JMGN 2012/Society of Milad Gostar No-1st Robotic Competition, Tehran, Iran”

The Winner of local school science competition for paper on “Swarm Intelligence”, Tehran, Iran