Maria Andrianova

Professor Georgii Bazykin

Maria graduated with honors from the Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics of Moscow State University in 2012. Her diploma thesis was about population genetic analysis of highly polymorphic sea squirt Ciona savignyi. In postgraduate studies, Maria continued analyses of highly variable species on the fungi Schizophyllum commune. In 2015, Maria shifted her focus of interests to mutagenesis, repair systems in cells and cancer genetics. Her projects covered various topics, such as efficiency of repair system during replication in cells, mutagenic activity of APOBEC enzyme and properties of hypermutable brain cancers. In 2019, Maria defended a thesis on the topic “Characteristics of point mutations in human cancer cells”.


Changes in mutational processes during cancer development

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2012–2015             Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Ph.D. student

 Ph.D in biology, 2019

Thesis: Characteristics of point mutations in human cancer cells

2007–2012             Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Diploma (B.S.) in Bioengineering (subfield: bioinformatics), 2012
Honours Thesis:   Population genetic analysis of highly polymorphic species Ciona savignyi using high-throughput sequencing data.



  • molecular evolution
  • population genetics of highly polymorphic species
  • mutagenesis and repair systems
  • cancer genetics