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Mariam Pogosova

Professor: Keith StevensonArtem Abakumov


Mariam’s research focuses on preparation and investigation of the new composite inorganic-polymer Li-conductive membranes for the aqueous and non-aqueous flow batteries.

Previously Mariam worked on the colored materials based on apatite-type matrix. The research included a design of new inorganic compounds, synthesis, and versatile analysis. The crystal structure features and spectroscopic characteristics of the new materials formed the basis of this research work.

She authored 1 monograph, 8 research papers and 19 conference reports in France, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. Mariam discovered a new chromophore formation within copper-doped apatites and designed the theoretical model which describes this process. In addition, Mariam established luminescent centers in europium-doped apatites and described the lithium introduction into the apatite structure. Most of the analyzed materials were synthesized and characterized for the first time ever. The results of Mariam’s work led to a recently started project devoted to the molecular magnets research. Mariam defended her Candidate of Sciences degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2015.
She supervised the research of 5 students and participated in their teaching.



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1. Laura Gonzalez, Mariam Pogosova, Fardad Azarmi. Crystal structure features and color properties of the copper-doped strontium vanadate with the apatite-type structure. // E-MRS Fall Meeting. Section H: Energy & functional materials: high pressure, high temperature synthesis & characterization. Book of abstracts. — Poland, Warsaw. — 18-21 September, 2017. — P. 11.
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3. Mironov E.G., Pogosova M., Kirsanov A., Azarmi F. Novel Double Shaped Design for the Low-Signature AUV. // Skoltech-MIT Conference “Shaping the Future: Big Data, Biomedicine and Frontier Technologies”. Section: Frontier Technologies. Book of Abstracts. — Russia, Moscow. — 25-26 April, 2017. — P. 105.
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5. Pogosova M.A. The Varying of the Color of Copper-Contained Calcium Hydroxyapatite Doped by the Lithium Ions (Russian) // II Ukrainian conference of young scientists “Contemporary materials science: materials and technologies”. The Ukraine. Kiev. 16-18 November, 2011. P. 9.

Inorganic materials science:
Synthesis (wet and solid state techniques, 3D printing)
— PXRD phase analysis,
— PXRD crystal structure refinement (Rietveld method),
— Impedance spectroscopy,
— Raman spectroscopy,
— Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy,
— Luminescence spectroscopy,
— Colorimetry.

2011 – Lomonosov Moscow State University – specialist’s degree diploma with honours;

2014 – Russian Writers Union, “Writer of the Year-2014” prize in “Publisher’s Choice” nomination

2015 – Russian Writers Union, “Writer of the Year-2015” finalist diploma in “Kid’s literature” nomination.