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Le Thi Nhut Suong

Le Thi Nhut Suong is a Junior Research Scientist with a profound interest in geology, fortified by a robust academic foundation from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. While early in her professional journey, Suong demonstrates a unique blend of traditional geological knowledge and a keen understanding of modern computational methodologies. She champions the integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly deep learning and machine learning, into geological studies, envisioning a future where these technologies are pivotal in geological research.

Suong’s passion extends to the exploration of unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Her investigative pursuits cover the oil shales of the Bazhenov formation, the flyshoid gas formations in Orenburg, and the foundational oil reservoirs in Vietnam’s southern shelf. Originating from Vietnam and having worked on multi-regional research projects, Suong brings a unique global perspective to her work, seamlessly blending cultural insights with technical expertise.

  • Deep Learning-Based Micrite Segmentation in Arab-D and Carbonate Reservoirs: Undertaken at KAUST in 2021, this project harnessed the power of the Mask R-CNN deep learning model in conjunction with Avizo’s Deep Learning Framework. The endeavor focused on revolutionizing micrite segmentation methodologies for carbonate reservoirs, representing a leap in the application of machine learning in geology and setting a new industry standard.
  • SEMI-Based Micrite Analysis using a Semi-Automatic Workflow in Avizo: Also researched at KAUST in 2021, this project utilized a semi-automatic workflow in Avizo, specifically tailored for SEMI data. This methodological approach offered an innovative lens to carbonate micro-texture analysis in Saudi Arabian reservoirs, showcasing the potential of combining traditional geology with advanced computational tools.
  • Machine Learning Applications in Pyrolysis Analysis: A flagship project at Skoltech that emphasized the application of machine learning to predict pyrolysis analysis results after extraction based on prior data. This innovation not only ensures a high degree of accuracy but also realizes significant efficiencies in time and labor. Special attention was given to the Bazhenov formation, illustrating the transformative potential of machine learning in geological studies.
  • Basin Modeling for Unconventional Gas Sources: Researched at Gubkin University, this project explored the flyshoid in Orenburg. Through innovative basin modeling techniques, the project shed light on unconventional gas source exploration, emphasizing the intricacies of the Orenburg region.
  • Origin Studies of Hydrocarbons in the Vietnamese Southern Shelf: A pivotal study at Skoltech that combined the prowess of computed tomography and Geodict to construct 3D core models, granting unparalleled insights into the origins of hydrocarbons in the Vietnamese Southern Shelf region.

Suong’s dedication to contributing to academic literature is evident through her extensive list of publications. These range from exploring machine learning applications in geology to in-depth analyses of hydrocarbon origins in varied geological settings.

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2015 –2021 Specialist of Applied geology at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Russia (CGPA: 4.90/5)

  • Emerging Technologies in Geology: A fervent advocate for the integration of cutting-edge technologies in geological studies. Particularly interested in harnessing the capabilities of deep learning and machine learning to revolutionize data analysis, prediction, and modeling in geology.
  • Advanced Micrite Analysis: Exploration of innovative techniques for micrite segmentation and analysis in carbonate reservoirs, blending traditional methods with computational advancements.
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources:
    • Oil Shale in Bazhenov Formation: A specific interest in the unique characteristics and potential of the oil shales in the Bazhenov formation.
    • Flyshoid Gas in Orenburg: Comprehensive study and exploration of the flyshoid gas formations in the Orenburg region.
    • Oil in Vietnam’s Southern Shelf: Investigation into the origins and potential of oil reservoirs in the foundational layers of Vietnam’s southern shelf, leveraging advanced modeling techniques.
  • Basin Modeling: Delving into unconventional gas sources with a detailed focus on the intricacies of various formations and regions.
  • Hydrocarbon Origin Studies: Utilizing advanced modeling techniques such as computed tomography and 3D core modeling to provide deep insights into hydrocarbon origins.

Throughout her academic and professional journey, Suong has been recognized numerous times for her exceptional contributions and achievements in geology and related fields.

03.2021 2nd place in the “Oil and gas technology” session at Oil Capital forum

01.2021 Nomination “The star of Gubkin University”

11.2020 Oil and gas horizons XII congress: 1 st place in the “Smart technology” session; 2 nd place in the “Geosciences” session; 2 nd place in the case

02.2020 3 rd place, Geosciences Case Competition, GeoEurasia 2020

11.2019 Winner in the PetroOlympics- Oil and Gas Horizons XI 04.2019 The best paper at the “Lomonosov 2019” conference

02.2019 International Geological and Geophysical Conference and Exhibition “GeoEurasia 2019″: 4th place in the poster session; 3rd place in the competition of projects; Winner in the PetroOlympics

11.2018 Winner in Schlumberger Case – Oil and Gas Horizons X

12.2018 2 nd place in the overall team standings and winner in the category Geological modeling and planning of mine workings at the Russian student festival “Geofest”

2017 2 nd place at Open International Student Internet Olympiad in Physics discipline

2015 Full scholarship at Gubkin University

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