Laura Chacon Machado

Research Intern

Laura graduated from the Faculty of Biology, Havana University, in 2015. Her diploma work was devoted to study the cell death mechanisms induced by cytolytic toxins from sea anemones in tumor cells. In 2017, Laura started her postgraduate studies in Skoltech (Center of Life Sciences) devoted to investigate the interactions of error-prone DNA repair mechanisms with sgRNA-Cas9 targeting in bacteria. In 2019 she graduated with honors. As research intern in Skoltech, Laura will continue investigating the topic from her Master Thesis.

Supervisor: Ekaterina Savitskaya

Study of the role of NHEJ on sgRNA/Cas9 targeting in Pseudomonas putida KT2440

Study of CRISPR array structure and diversity by deep quantitative profiling of spacer composition.

2010-2015 Bachelor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Havana University, Havana, Cuba

2017-2019 Master of Science, Life Sciences Program, Skoltech