Jean-François Geneste

Expert, Professor of the Practice
Space Center

I have spent 31 years working in the aerospace industry: missiles, satellites, launchers, planes, helicopters, C4ISR

I have applied for many patents (about 30) for systems, pieces of equipment, structures, algorithms, etc.

I have been a member of the research group “cryptographie et complexité” at Ecole Normale Supérieure for 17 years and discovered about 50 theorems of mathematics.

Since 2002 I tackled theoretical physics (foundations of physics) which brought me to write 3 books of theoretical physics: 2010, 2015, 2018. Part of my work has been presented February 2018 at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow.

I also wrote books about social sciences, industrial policy, defense, philosophy…

I ended these 31 years as the Chief Scientist of Airbus Group.


I can split my research interest into two parts:

1- Industrial research with disruptive concepts (airship, stratospheric platform, new launcher, infinite impulse engine, new kind of solar arrays, etc.)

2- Academic research (cryptography, new kind of quantum computers, non-Archimedean physics, new kinds of energy, etc.)


Physique: De l’Esprit des Lois

Foundations of physics: The Universal Universe

And some publications and presentations at conferences both in maths and physics

FTC-2018: I presented some roadmap for breakthrough research in the field of textiles

WCSM-2018: I shall present a new model of the nucleus of the atom with application to reaching room temperature for superconductivity

Course of breakthrough innovation:

I teach the students what breakthrough means after having mathematically proved them that the current human activity is in a trap the “law of the mean” plaguing the world

Then I teach by example, showing them disruptive concepts and ideas and explaining them how to reach such concepts

I also give them a flavor of what disruptive means both in mathematics and physics

The final exam consists in a 20mn interview where every student has to present a potentially disruptive idea to an investor as if it was creating a startup.