Irina Klimovich

Junior Research Scientist
Center for Energy Science and Technology
Professor: Pavel Troshin

Irina received her Bachelor and Master degrees from Belorussian State University, in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Her research focused on enanthioselective synthesis of C1-C7 part of macrocyclic compound Sagopilone (ZK-EPO) using Kulinkovich reaction of cyclopropanation.

In 2012, Irina started her postgraduate studies and switched the research direction to the field of Materials Chemistry. She focused on the design of materials for organic electronics. Irina obtained the range of various indigo derivatives as semiconductor material for air-stable n-type and p-type organic field-effect transistors. She also took part in projects related to the design of conjugated polymers and small molecules as electron-donor materials for bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells.

Design of novel class of photoactive materials for organic solar cells

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Organic synthesis, organic and molecular electronics, organic semiconductors, solar cells, field-effect transistors

2016 – second place on Baturin’s award for young scientists

2014 – International Fall School on Organic Electronics, award for oral presentation