Ilnur Balapanov

Junior Research Scientist
Project Center for Agro Technologies

I Stepanov, I Balapanov, E Lobodina, I Suprun

BIO Web of Conferences 34

I Stepanov, I Balapanov, A Drygina

E3S Web of Conferences 285, 02006

E Ulyanovskaya, S Stcheglov, E Belenko, I Balapanov

BIO Web of Conferences 34

I Balapanov, L Artykhova

E3S Web of Conferences 254, 01024


I Stepanov, I Balapanov, A Drygina

BIO Web of Conferences 25, 03006


I Balapanov, I Suprun, I Stepanov, S Tokmakov, A Lugovskoy

Scientia Horticulturae 253, 322-326

North-Сaucasian Federal Research Center of Horticulture Viticulture & Winemaking  – Krasnodar, Russia

  • Candidate of biological science – 2022
  • Thesis: Biological and economically valuable traits of Persian walnut in the Krasnodar region.

Bashkir state universityUfa, Russia

  • B.Sc., Biology (Plant physiology) – 2008
  • Thesis: accumulation of flavonoids in different parts of sabina
№ of the project Name of the project Financial fund Project Manager
19-44-233011 Using multilocus DNA-markers in the genotyping representatives of taxa Cerasus, Padus and Laurocerasus. RFBR Степанов И.В.
16-44-230333 Study of the genetic structure of pear populations in the North Caucasus and assessment of the contribution of Pyrus communis subsp. caucasica into the gene pool of varieties RFBR Токмаков С.В.
16-44-230260 The study of the genetic diversity of the Prunus domestica L. gene pool and the search for effective SSR markers for the analysis of its genomic polymorphism RFBR Супрун И.И.
15-29-02751 Study of the genetic structure of the native gene pool of the genus Malus spp and the biodiversity of the apple scab pathogen in the South of Russia in the aspect of interaction in the plant-host/pathogen system RFBR Супрун И.И.
14-04-32298 Study of polymorphism of retrotransposon inserts in the genome of representatives of the genus Prunus. RFBR Степанов И.В.
13-04-96597 Study of the allelic polymorphism of the self-incompatibility gene within the species Pyrus communis and Prunus avium RFBR Супрун И.И.
13-04-02089 Study of genetic polymorphism of autochthonous and introduced in the North Caucasus geneplasm of the genera Malus, Prunus and Pyrus. RFBR Супрун И.И.
12-04-31947 The study of allelic polymorphism of the 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase gene and its relationship with the degree of keeping quality of apple fruits RFBR Токмаков С.В.
17-76-10062 Study of the genetic diversity of the species Juglans regia L., elucidation of the ways of the formation of the cultural gene pool in the North Caucasus and the Black Sea region and the formation of characteristic genetic collections of the species RScF Токмаков С.В.