Ilia Kurochkin

PhD student

Supervisor – Philipp Khaitovich

Entry year to Skoltech – 2013

Graduated from Department of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2013.

Diploma Project: Comparative analysis of RNA secondary structures obtained by high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics prediction methods. Supervised by Dr. Dmitri D. Pervouchine and Prof. Andrei A. Mironov.

PhD Project: Comparative analysis of human brain based on mass-spectrometery data

Human evolution is characterised by changes in brain size and organisation. It has long been suggested that these structural changes are linked to modifications in brain metabolism. Even though metabolites and lipids play critical role in brain function, little is known about the brain’s compounds composition, their concentrations and the compound differences between the brain and other tissues and also how different is human brain, in term of metabolism, compared to brain of other species.

In our study we are trying to investigate several aspects of human brain metabolism:

  1. a) How metabolite concentrations behave during the whole lifespan?
  2. b) What are metabolites composition of human brain and how different it is compared to other tissues?
  3. c) Which metabolic pattern do we observe in tissues of other species? Are there any differences/similarities compare to human tissues?

Conference: Metabolomics 2016, the 12th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society. Poster “Metabolic changes in prefrontal cortex of humans, chimpanzees and macaques during postnatal development”