Ilgiz Murzakhanov

Research Intern

Optimal Power Flow models

The main goal of this project is to generate new mathematical methods and software tools to support optimal power operation of REAL power grids. Many of the research effort in the academia in optimal operation of the grid with simplified version of real operation because of complexity of representing all controllable elements of a power system. Nowadays, we are in a inflexion point where advances on high performance computers, solvers and new reformulations could make possible to deal with real power grids. Ilgiz will be working on this problem. Also, we plan to compete in the largest contest on power system community for solving optimal operation of power grids (

“Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology”, 2016-2018
• M.Sc. “Energy Science and Technology”
• GPA: 4,95/5
• Thesis: “Decentralized Optimal Power Flow Under Security Constraints”

National Research University  “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, 2012 – 2016
• B.Eng. “Power Engineering and Electrical Technology”
• GPA: 4,81/5
• Thesis: “Electrical Power Network Engineering with Research of Loss of Power and Energy Calculation Methods in all its Elements”



• “Asian Super Grid” concept (Skoltech, 2017);

• “Updating the schemes of 110-220 kV electric networks in the Moscow region for the needs of the Moscow Technical Development Department” (MPEI, 2016);

• “Intelligent inverter” and “Network Consumption Management System” within the framework of the “Energopromise” competition (MPEI, 2016);