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Hassan Baneh

Supervisor: Laurent Gentzbittel

Hassan received his MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Mazandaran University, in 2010, and his PhD in Animal Breeding and Genomics from the Sari Agriculture and Natural Resources University (SANRU), in 2015. During his studies, he focused on developing the multi-step genomic evaluation models to improve litter size in sheep. In 2016, he joined the Animal Science Research Institute of Iran, the leading research institute for livestock in Iran, where he worked on constructing economic-breeding indices for native sheep and cow breeds.In 2021, Hassan joined the Digital Agriculture Laboratory (DAL) at Skoltech as a Senior Research Scientist and was later promoted to the position of Assistant Professor at the Project Center for Agro Technologies. He has extensive experience in quantitative genetics, genomics, and biostatistics, and has published 41 peer-reviewed journal articles. Currently, Hassan leads the Animal Genomic Laboratory of the Project Center of AgroTechnologies and focuses on industry-oriented research projects in animal breeding using cutting-edge quantitative genetics and genomics approaches.

Economic – Selection Index construction for livestock industries in Russia

Developing genomic evaluation models for beef and dairy cattle

Identifying the novel gens and genomic regions underlying economic traits in farm animals

Genomic-based crossbreeding systems in beef cattle, pig and sheep.

SkolGoldenFly: Breeding program for improvement industry-demanded traits in Black Soldier Flies

Selected Publications:

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- GWAS and genomic evaluation

– Genetic diversity and inbreeding depression

– Breeding objectives and selection index