Hariphan Philathong

Research Intern
PhD student

Professor: Jacob Biamonte

Graduated from: Imperial College London

Research interests: Quantum Computer Algorithms. Variational Quantum Algorithms. Quantum Approximate Optimization Hamiltonian Complexity. Spin Models. Ising Models. Phase Transitions. Satisfiability and Decision Problems.

Thesis title: Complexity of Physical Annealing Devices


  • Computational Phase Transition Signature in Gibbs Sampling H. Philathong, V. Akshay, I. Zacharov, J Biamonte Status: in review (2019) Link:arXiv:1906.10705
  • Reachability Deficits in Quantum Approximate Optimization V. Akshay, H. Philathong, M.E.S. Morales, J. Biamonte Status: in review (2019) Link:arXiv:1906.11259


  • Gen-Y 2.0 conference 13 – 17 March 2019, Sochi, Russia Poster presentation on “P and P-complete Ising Hamiltonians Problems”.
  • The 5th International Conference in Quantum Technologies 15 – 19 July 2019, Moscow, Russia Poster presentation on “Computational Phase Transition Signature in Gibbs Sampling”.