Grigory Yaremenko

Junior Research Scientist
Center for Digital Engineering

Grigory is a researcher in control theory and AIHis undergraduate studies at MSU faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics were mostly focused on nonlinear dynamics, control and advanced methods in statistics. During his research at CMC MSU however, he found himself dissatisfied with the lack of data-driven approaches in modern control theory, so in his studies he began to investigate various fusions between reinforcement learning and classical control-theoretic methods. This would in turn motivate him to get a master’s degree in data science at Skoltech. In the course of his master’s thesis research he proved several formal results that layed the theoretical groundwork for various methods that are being actively researched at AIDA Lab.

It was at this time that his findings made it to the top publishers in the field including IEEE TAC and IEEE CDCLater, Grigory would go to enroll into Skoltech’s Engineering Systems PhD program. He made a significant contribution to the design and delivery of AIDA’s courses “Reinforcement Learning” and “Advanced Control Methods” and also advanced the lab’s engineering efforts towards a Python framework for hybridizing classical control and reinforcement learning. He is currently employed as a junior researcher.

Supervisor: Pavel Osinenko

Journal articles
Osinenko, P. [Pavel], Yaremenko, G., Malaniya, G., & Bolychev, A.
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Larchenko, M., Osinenko, P., Yaremenko, G., & Palyulin, V. (2021).
A study of first-passage time minimization via Q-learning in
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Osinenko, P. [Pavel], Dobriborsci, D., & Yaremenko, G. (2021). A
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Conference proceedings

Osinenko, P. [P.], & Yaremenko, G. [G.]. (2021). On stochastic
stabilization of sampled systems. In Proceedings of IEEE confer-
ence on decision and control, Austin, TX, USA: IEEE