Gleb Vladimirov

Gleb Vladimirov

Professor: Evgeny Nikolaev

Gleb Vladimirov completed his Master level education in Applied Physics and Mathematics at the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (PhysTech) in 2008. In 2011, he completed his postgraduate studies in Chemical Physics at the Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, working on application of computer simulation in mass-spectrometry instrumentation. Prior to Skoltech, he was a researcher in the Laboratory of Ion and Molecular Physics of the Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics.

The current research activity is focused on application of mass-spectrometers for Near-Earth Space research:

  • Adaptation of commercial mass-spectrometers for stratospheric conditions and for ballooning experiment in order to measure the molecule composition of stratosphere in altitude 20-40 km;
  • Development of computer simulation methods for investigation of ion dynamics in mass-spectrometers for Space research.

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Mass-spectrometry instrumentation, computer modeling of ion cloud behavior for study of non-neutral plasma effects in mass-analyzers (FTICR, orbitrap, cassinian trap, etc.), ion accumulation and transfer devices; study of natural organic matter using high resolution mass-spectrometry.