Gleb Ryzhakov

Professor: Ivan Oseledets

Gleb graduated from the Physical Department of Moscow State University in 2002. In 2006, he defended his PhD thesis Resolvent limits of quantum evolution of open systems supervised by Prof. A. M. Chebotarev at Moscow State University. After that, Gleb studied numerical schemes of solving hypersingular integral equations and their application to problems of aerodynamics, electrodynamics, etc. He achieved results on convergence of modified methods of vortex frames and suggested improved numerical schemes.

Development of the numerical methods for the partial differential equations with random coefficients

Stochastic differential equations, quantum open systems, hypersingular integral equations, electrodynamics, radar visibility, aerodynamics, method of vortex frames, numerical schemes, large matrix, fast matrix methods.

Grant of the President of Russian Federation for young Ph.D. scientists in Mathematics, Moscow, Russia, 2012.