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Georgy Potapov

Professor: Maxim Fedorov

Short Bio:
Georgy co-founded the project “Kosmosnimki”, (now included in SCANEX Group).
Since 2010, he has developed the Fire Map project ( and worked on the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies for disaster risk during natural disasters. He’s made several applied works and publications in the area of satellite monitoring of landscape fires.
Working at Skoltech, in the team of AeroNetLab, to develop and commercialize new products based on machine learning technologies and remote sensing.
Accumulating experience, in 2017 he founded the company Geoalert for the commercialization of analytic services on Earth Observation data.

AeroNet Lab project

Remote sensing of Environment, including methods and algorithms for satellite imagery processing and analysis

GeoAlert platform
Role: Founder
Description: Environmental information platform for analytics of Earth Observation data.  Information is delivered in form of reports and maps through subscriptions and APIs.

1st place in the contest dedicated to Remote Fire monitoring research