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Georgiy Ozerov

Professor: Alexei Buchachenko



Dynamics of ultracold and cold ions

1.​ Golubkov G. V., Ozerov G. K., Reaction of near-threshold associative ionisation N(2D)+O(3P ) →NO + (X1Σ+)+e// Dokl. RAS. — 2014. — V. 455, No 3. — P. 275—278.

2.​ Reaction of associative ionization N + O → NO+ + e at slow collisions of atoms / Maxim G. Golubkov and Georgy K. Ozerov and Sergey O. Adamson and Gennady V. Golubkov and Nikolay S. Malyshev and Andrey I. Dementiev // Chemical Physics. — 2015. — Nov. — V. 462. — P. 28—34.

3.​ Ozerov G. K., Golubkov M. G., Golubkov G. V., Malyshev N. S., Adamson S.O., Dementiev A. I. Association ionization reaction N + O → NO++e in slow collisions of atoms // High Energy Chemistry. — 2016. — V. 50, No 1.

4.​ Georgy K. Ozerov, Veronika V. Kuverova, Sergey O. Adamson, Gennady V. Golubkov, Maxim G. Golubkov Dissociative Recombination of Slow Electrons with Nitrosyl Ions // Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety. — 2016. — P. 81—86.

Lomonosov Moscow State Univerity, Russia, Department of Chemistry B.A., 2012

N. N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, RAS, Moscow, RU Ph.D., 2016

Quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics methods and algorithms; molecular modeling; chemical physics; resonance scattering theory; programming.