Fernando Davalos

Fernando received his bachelor’s degree and specialization degree in Electronics and Robotics at Universidad Panamericana campus Aguascalientes (UP). During his education, he was member of the robotics team of his university, their team won 2 first places in RoboCup Major Rescue League, which is celebrated annually in a different country, during his time in the team he designed a brushless DC motor driver of high current in a format size of 8cm x 4cm, communication protocols and control algorithms for the robot. Fernando has solid background in power electronics and microcontrollers programming.
At Skoltech, Fernando will focus on Multilevel Converter topologies to develop a DC/AC inverter, working closely with Professor Federico Martin Ibanez, and proposing new ways to improve efficiency.


  • Multilevel Converter for a power electronic transformer
  • Development of modular multilevel DC/AC converters
  • Development of bidirectional DC/AC resonant converters
  • Development of Brushless DC Motor Drivers


2016. Electronic and Digital Systems Engineer degree from Universidad Panamericana campus Bonaterra (UP), Aguascalientes, México

2017. Robotics Specialization from Universidad Panamericana campus Bonaterra (UP), Aguascalientes, México