Evgeny Antipov

Inorganic chemistry, synthesis of inorganic materials, solid state chemistry of inorganic materials, oxide ceramics for fuel cells, metal-ion battery materials, X-ray and neutron powder diffraction

Selected Publications (out of 371 total, h-index 36, 6247 citations)

  • Tereshchenko, I. V.; Aksyonov, D. A.; Drozhzhin, O. A.; Presniakov, I. A.; Sobolev, A. V.; Zhugayevych, A.; Stevenson, K. J.; Antipov, E. V.; Abakumov, A. M. “The Role of Semi-labile Oxygen Atoms for Intercalation Chemistry of the Metal-ion Battery Polyanion Cathodes,” Amer. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140(11), 3994–4003.
  • Drozhzhin, O. A.; Shevchenko, V. A.; Zakharkin, M. Z.; Gamzyukov, P. A.; Yashina, L. A.; Abakumov, A. B.; Stevenson, K. J.; Antipov, E. V. “Improving Salt-to-solvent Ratio to Enable High-Voltage Electrolyte Stability for Advanced Li-ion Batteries Electrochim Acta 2018, 263, 127-133.
  • Nikitina, V. A.; Zakharkin, M. V.; Vassiliev, S. Yu.; Yashina, L. V.; Antipov, E. V.; Stevenson, K. J. “Lithium-ion Coupled Electron Transfer Rates in Superconcentrated Electrolytes: Exploring the Bottlenecks for Fast Charge Transfer Rates with LiMn2O4 Cathode Materials,” Langmuir 2017, 33(37), 9378-9389.
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  • Drozhzhin O.A., Sumanov V.D., Karakulina O.M., Abakumov A.M., Hadermann J., Baranov A.N., Stevenson K.J., Antipov E.V. “Switching between solid solution and two-phase regimes in the Li1-xFe1-yMnyPO4 cathode materials during lithium (de)insertion: combined PITT, in situ XRPD and electron diffraction tomography study“ Electrochimica Acta 2016, 191,149-157.
  • Karakulina O.M., Khasanova N.R., Drozhzhin O.A., Tsirlin A.A., Hadermann J., Antipov E.V., Abakumov A.M. “Antisite Disorder and Bond Valence Compensation in Li2FePO4F Cathode for Li-Ion Batteries” Chemistry of Materials 2016, 28, 7578-7581.
  • Antipov E.V., Khasanova N.R., Fedotov S.S. “Perspectives on Li and transition metal fluoride phosphates as cathode materials for a new generation of Li-ion batteries” International Union of Crystallography Journal 2015, 2, 85-94.

1993 – Lomonosov Award of the Moscow State University

1993 – Award of the World Congress on Superconductivity

2001 – ICDD Distinguished Grantee Award

2003 – Russian State Award for the Scientific Achievements

2006 – A.P. Karpinskij Award of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation

2011 – Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences

2011 – Member of Academia Europaea

2014 – ICDD Distinguished Fellow Award

2014 – McMurdie Award

Phd students:
Marshenya Sergey
Nazarov Eugene
Shevchenko Vitalii

Curriculum development and teaching: Crystal Chemistry of Inorganic Materials. X-ray powder diffraction

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